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  • Efavirenz Dose Reduction Improves Lipid Profile in Adults With HIV-1

    The researchers concluded that “a reduced dose of efavirenz (a 400 mg dose is now recommended as an alternative first-line regimen also by [World Health Organization] can lead to a significant decline in total cholesterol and LDL and should be used especially in patients with cardiovascular or metabolic comorbidities.”

    19 June 2019 | Infectious Disease Advisor
  • FDA approves first two-drug complete regimen for HIV-infected patients who have never received antiretroviral treatment

    The U.S. Food and Drug Administration today approved Dovato (dolutegravir and lamivudine), as a complete regimen for the treatment of human immunodeficiency virus type 1 (HIV-1) infection in adults with no antiretroviral treatment history and with no known or suspected substitutions associated with resistance to the individual components of Dovato. This is the first FDA-approved two-drug, fixed-dose, complete regimen for HIV-infected adults who have never received treatment for HIV.

    09 April 2019 | Food & Drug Administration
  • ViiV Healthcare announces Juluca (dolutegravir/rilpivirine) maintains HIV viral suppression at 148-weeks

    SWORD studies demonstrate long-term durable efficacy and tolerability of Juluca, the first complete 2-drug regimen, for the treatment of virologically suppressed adults with HIV

    05 April 2019 | ViiV press release
  • Two-antiretroviral maintenance failure - raltegravir regimens seem most vulnerable

    Two-antiretroviral maintenance regimens failed virologically in only 3.5% of 3484 people in a 2010-2017 French analysis. Raltegravir/etravirine (RAL/ETR) and raltegravir plus darunavir/ritonavir (DRV/r/RAL) appeared to be the duos most vulnerable to virologic failure. Other failure risk factors included highest viral load above 100,000 copies and a previous virologic failure.

    29 March 2019 | NATAP
  • Laura Waters, MD, FRCP: Can Two Drugs Tango?

    In a symposium presentation at the Annual Conference on Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections (CROI 2019), Laura Waters, MD, FRCP, discussed the developments of 2-drug regimens for HIV treatments, as well as the questions that remain unanswered. Contagion® sat down with Dr. Waters for an exclusive interview about her presentation and to discuss new data from several studies presented at the meeting.

    12 March 2019 | Contagion Live
  • Early ART in HIV Possible Key to Dolutegravir Monotherapy Success

    Several randomized controlled trials have shown dolutegravir monotherapy to be inferior to cART. These dolutegravir monotherapy trials, however, have been conducted in patients initiating cART during chronic rather than primary HIV infection. Since patients who start cART during the early phase of HIV infection show a reduced HIV reservoir and low viral diversity, the researchers evaluated whether these properties would allow for sustained virologic suppression after a switch to dolutegravir monotherapy.

    15 February 2019 | Infectious Disease Advisor
  • Six advantages of dolutegravir

    Dolutegravir is a critically important antiretroviral medicine that is set to become the backbone of South Africa and many other countries’ HIV programmes. While the drug has recently made headlines because of a potential safety risk, most of what we know about the medicine indicates that it represents an important improvement over existing medicines.

    28 January 2019 | Spotlight SA
  • Dolutegravir Monotherapy for HIV No Longer Recommended

    Dolutegravir monotherapy should no longer be used as HIV maintenance therapy, according to Bart J.A. Rijnders, MD, PhD, and Casper Rokx, MD, PhD, both from Erasmus Medical Center, Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

    09 January 2019 | Contagion Live
  • Top 10 HIV Clinical Developments of 2018

    It's the beginning of the end. Not in some apocalyptic way, but rather in how we think about the prevention and management of HIV.

    20 December 2018 | The Body Pro
  • Biktarvy's success raises doubts about ViiV's 'new era' of HIV treatment

    GlaxoSmithKline subsidiary ViiV Healthcare believes its portfolio of HIV medications will be competitive as treatment for the virus enters an era of two-drug regimens. So far, however, the company's first doublet has performed modestly on the market compared to a key rival's three-drug regimen.

    12 December 2018 | BioPharma Dive
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