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Philippines: Discrimination Against Workers with HIV

Workplace discrimination in the Philippines includes refusal to hire, unlawful firing, and forced resignation of people with HIV. Some employers may also disregard or actively facilitate workplace harassment of employees who are HIV positive. In most of the discrimination cases that Human Rights Watch documented, employees with HIV did not file formal complaints, most frequently due to fear of being further exposed as HIV positive, which could prevent future employment.

09 February 2018
Human Rights Watch
VICTORY: Publix Reverses Stance. Will Make PrEP Available To Employees

Today, after a week-long battle, Publix announced they reversed their stance on providing PrEP (pre-exposure prophylaxis) to prevent the transmission of HIV to their more than 188,000 employees across 7 southern states.

07 February 2018
Equality Florida
Canada: It's time to stop linking 'loose morals' to immigrants with HIV

A recent example of blatant prejudice is a part of a bigger story about how the Canadian immigration system processes applications made by people with HIV infection. There are more directives governing HIV infection than any other health condition in the immigration system.

02 February 2018
The Conversation
HIV Medicine Association chair argues new HHS division ‘defies fundamental medical ethic’

“The new HHS division, like other ‘religious freedom’ efforts across the country, is a thinly disguised invitation to stigmatize and discriminate against LGBTQ individuals in the name of religion,” said HIV Medicine Association Chair Melanie Thompson.

30 January 2018
“Loathsome” Reason a Model Can Sue After Her Image Appeared in HIV Ads

Brooklyn model Avril Nolan can sue a New York state agency for using a stock photo of her in an HIV ad, reports The New York Post. The reasoning, in part, is that people with HIV are stigmatized and considered “loathsome” by a “significant segment of society.”

22 January 2018
HIV positive man can become a commercial pilot

An HIV positive man who was told he could not train as a commercial pilot will be allowed to begin training after a U-turn by aviation officials.

19 January 2018
BBC News
A British Man Has Been Prevented From Becoming An Airline Pilot Because He Has HIV

Britain's Civil Aviation Authority has blocked a man from Glasgow from pursuing his ambition of flying planes. "It's destroyed a boyhood dream," he told BuzzFeed News.

11 December 2017
The Most Anti-Gay Corporate Policy in America Today

It’s time to end the anti-gay PrEP exclusion in America’s insurance industry. Some of the largest insurance companies in the nation exclude PrEP users who individually apply for life insurance, long-term care insurance or disability insurance.

08 December 2017
Senior South Yorkshire Police officer cleared over HIV test comments

The controversy centered on comments made by Zuleika Payne, chair of the South Yorkshire branch of the Police Federation, about South Yorkshire Police's decision to introduce controversial spit guards. She said some colleagues had to undergo HIV tests after being spat at by suspects who were in the process of being arrested.

20 October 2017
The Star
Gay rights activists welcome NHS questioning of patients over sexuality

NHS England has issued a new standard requiring staff to “record sexual orientation at every face to face contact with the patient, where no record of this data already exists”. It argues that the data is needed to ensure it meets its obligations under the 2010 Equality Act and will help it better tackle health problems that are more prevalent among lesbian, gay and bisexual people.

16 October 2017
The Guardian

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Community Consensus Statement on Access to HIV Treatment and its Use for Prevention

Together, we can make it happen

We can end HIV soon if people have equal access to HIV drugs as treatment and as PrEP, and have free choice over whether to take them.

Launched today, the Community Consensus Statement is a basic set of principles aimed at making sure that happens.

The Community Consensus Statement is a joint initiative of AVAC, EATG, MSMGF, GNP+, HIV i-Base, the International HIV/AIDS Alliance, ITPC and NAM/aidsmap

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