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“Be the change”: creating a voice for male sex workers in Malawi

“If I want to see the change, I need to be the change,” said Aniz Mitha, the Executive Director of Community Health Rights Advocacy (CHeRA), an organization that works with male sex workers in Malawi. When Mr Mitha speaks of change, he does so with the quiet and unwavering authority of someone who knows what he is talking about.

27 May 2019
The forgotten generation?

Modern advancements such as U=U have redefined what it means to live with HIV. But, as Ross Duffin reports, for the long-term survivors the lived reality is not so rosy.

21 May 2019
Positive Living
Being black and gay: how intersectional stigma impacts on the uptake of PrEP

Qualitative research published in the July issue of Social Science & Medicine by Dr Katherine Quinn and colleagues at the Center for AIDS Intervention Research highlights how

17 May 2019
Krishen Samuel
Why the infected blood enquiry matters

Our infection through medical treatment for haemophilia caused the media to obsess about our ‘innocence’ in getting HIV and, even if they did not say it out loud, everyone could guess who the ‘guilty’ were.

10 May 2019
National AIDS Trust
Damaged in Scandal, Head of U.N. AIDS Agency Resigns Suddenly

The head of the United Nations agency created to eradicate the AIDS crisis resigned “with immediate effect” on Wednesday, five months after his leadership was impugned in a damning report about workplace sexual harassment and bullying.

09 May 2019
New York Times
My Experience Growing Up HIV Positive

Having always lived with HIV has taught me the absolute importance of learning to love and embrace my body.

08 May 2019
Why PrEP Matters For Trans People Like Me

Taking that first pill was so much more than just swallowing medication – it was a ceremonial moment for my wellbeing.

03 May 2019
‘There was no future’: victims share impact of infected blood scandal

Patients infected with HIV and hepatitis C give emotional evidence on first day of inquiry

01 May 2019
The Guardian
The Listening Project: I’ll Speak About it All Day Long (sound file)

Two 17-year-old girls infected with HIV as babies discuss their common experience in the BBC's Listening Project, a sound archive of our modern times.

25 April 2019
Challenging My Own Bigotry

An HIV-negative gay man confronts his history with men living with the virus.

25 April 2019

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Community Consensus Statement on Access to HIV Treatment and its Use for Prevention

Together, we can make it happen

We can end HIV soon if people have equal access to HIV drugs as treatment and as PrEP, and have free choice over whether to take them.

Launched today, the Community Consensus Statement is a basic set of principles aimed at making sure that happens.

The Community Consensus Statement is a joint initiative of AVAC, EATG, MSMGF, GNP+, HIV i-Base, the International HIV/AIDS Alliance, ITPC and NAM/aidsmap

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