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Simplified HIV Test and same-day treat program associated with better coverage and much lower mortality in China

A 'Test and Treat' protocol for HIV/AIDS diagnosis and treatment, implemented in two Guangxi, China counties in 2012, was associated with increased engagement in HIV/AIDS care and a 62 percent reduction in mortality among participants, according to a new study. This before-and-after analysis suggests that broader implementation of the program may inexpensively improve outcomes for HIV-positive individuals in China.

08 October 2015
Science Daily
Spanish pharmacy HIV testing programme detects many new infections

A programme in which cheap, 30-minute HIV tests were offered in local pharmacy shops in three Spanish regions, diagnosed over 200 new infections, amounting to 10.6% of

16 September 2015
Gus Cairns
HIVTestUK pilot project launches in Birmingham

The HIV awareness-raising charity Saving Lives, Birmingham Heartlands HIV Service and the Heart of England NHS Foundation Trust Pathology laboratories, have come together to launch HIVTestUK. This brand new service offers users direct access to NHS quality self-testing HIV kits, expert analysis and a unique aftercare service.

04 August 2015
Birmingham Heartlands HIV Service
HIV self-testing may help the 'hard to reach' learn their status, but uncertainties remain

HIV self-testing (or ‘home testing’) is likely to have an important place in future global HIV strategies, but at the moment there are significant gaps in the

26 July 2015
Roger Pebody
Why I Wish I'd Received My HIV Diagnosis At Home

I received my HIV diagnosis nearly four years ago, on 4th August 2011, through an NHS clinic. The experience was horrific and, given the choice now, I think I'd have preferred home-testing.

29 April 2015
'This is what it's really like to live with HIV'

The number of young men being diagnosed with HIV has doubled in ten years; the number of new diagnoses among gay and bisexual men has reached a record high, according to the most recent data. The virus is rarely out of the news, and yet, because of continuing developments in treatment, few of us understand what life with the condition is like now. Three young men, all diagnosed in their 20s, talk about living with the virus.

10 April 2015
Daily Telegraph
An alternative service design for sexual health

We’ve just launched SH:24, a new 24/7 sexual health service that offers free self-testing and rapid results by text message to people in Lambeth and Southwark. Our boroughs have some of the highest rates of acute STIs nationwide and large populations of risk groups, including young people and black and minority communities.

07 April 2015
Guy’s and St Thomas’ Charity
HIV home-testing kit awaiting approval from Australia's drug regulator

Researchers hope an oral HIV test will be approved by Australia’s drug regulator for home use, saying it would curb infection rates by diagnosing people earlier so they can take steps to prevent spreading the virus.

10 March 2015
The Guardian
South Africa: Should HIV Testing Become a Standard Medical Procedure?

Knowing your status is the key to ending the Aids pandemic but still too few South Africans take the step to get tested for HIV. A report in the Mail & Guardian this week less than a third of the country's 35-million sexually active people get tested for HIV annually.

03 December 2014
Terrence Higgins Trust relaunches postal HIV testing service for gay and bisexual men

HIV and sexual health charity Terrence Higgins Trust is to mark National HIV Testing Week (22nd – 30th November) by relaunching its highly popular postal HIV testing service for gay and bisexual men.

24 November 2014
Terrence Higgins Trust press release

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Community Consensus Statement on Access to HIV Treatment and its Use for Prevention

Together, we can make it happen

We can end HIV soon if people have equal access to HIV drugs as treatment and as PrEP, and have free choice over whether to take them.

Launched today, the Community Consensus Statement is a basic set of principles aimed at making sure that happens.

The Community Consensus Statement is a joint initiative of AVAC, EATG, MSMGF, GNP+, HIV i-Base, the International HIV/AIDS Alliance, ITPC and NAM/aidsmap

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