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Analysis Backs New Tenofovir’s Kidney Safety Over Old Version

Researchers compared data on more than 9,000 people with HIV who took either version of tenofovir.

11 July 2019
Major HIV drug calls for vigilance

A study lead by researchers at the Institute of HIV Research, Medical Faculty of UDE and University Hospital Essen, stumbled over a potential toxicity of integrase inhibitors. The researchers found that INSTI had a dramatic effect on activity of immune cells and in particular reduced the activity and function of CD4 T helper cells. This included a reduced proliferation and multiplication of these cells.

24 June 2019
University of Duisberg-Essen
Preventing Drug Induced Liver Injury in Patients with HIV

With an estimated annual incidence rate of 13.9 to 24 per 100,000 inhabitants, drug-induced liver injury (DILI) the leading cause of acute liver failure in the United States. It is also a unique concern in people living with HIV. Recognizing the importance of comorbid HIV and DILI, researchers from Sacco University Hospital in Milano, Italy, have published a comprehensive review of the topic ahead-of-print in the journal Pharmacological Research.

03 June 2019
Pharmacy Times
A Promising Anti-HIV Drug Poses A Dilemma

The anti-HIV drug dolutegravir is effective — but may carry a risk for pregnant women. While women in wealthy countries are given choices about their medical care, for women in poor countries the situation is different. There aren't enough doctors and nurses to explain the risks and benefits of the new drug to every patient. The country may not have the resources to keep supplies of two different drugs on the shelves. And there is no consistent access to effective birth control.

23 April 2019
Weight gain with new antiretrovirals: It's complicated

South Africa’s next big shift in our antiretroviral programme is to replace efavirenz with a newish drug called dolutegravir. The Department of Health is pleased at the prospect of a safer, more robust and, amazingly, cheaper drug. But last year, the first reports surfaced that people using it were gaining weight.

15 April 2019
Gilead Lawsuits: 41 HIV and PrEP Patients File California Personal Injury Case Over Gilead's TDF-Based Drugs

41 patients from 12 states nationwide who are living with HIV or AIDS or were on PrEP filed a personal injury lawsuit against Gilead Sciences Inc. seeking to hold the Bay Area drug maker accountable for actions around its failure to rectify a known defect in the drug formulation of one of its most widely prescribed medications: tenofovir disoproxil fumarate (TDF) knowing that a safer alternate, tenofovir alafenamide (TAF) existed in its own laboratory; its failure to warn patients of the damaging side effects of TDF; and the company’s active misrepresentation of TDF’s efficacy and substantial risks.

12 April 2019
Associated Press
HIV Drugs With Fewer Side Effects Need More FDA Support

New medicines providing a better quality of life should always be top priority when asking for federal support.

27 March 2019
Inactive Ingredients in Medications Cause Trouble for Some

Most approved medications have inactive ingredients that could cause problems for individuals with allergies or intolerances to those ingredients, researchers say. Those problems can add up when patients take more than one medication with troublesome ingredients.

14 March 2019
Medscape (requires free registration)
Large French study examines neuropsychiatric side effects with integrase inhibitors

The largest prospective study to date on integrase inhibitors and their potential for being associated with neuropsychiatric side effects was conducted in France. With more than 21,000 HIV-positive participants, the study found that the proportion of people who stopped taking integrase inhibitors due to neuropsychiatric side effects was generally very low (between 1% and 3%). Of particular note is the fact that before starting treatment with an integrase-inhibitor-containing regimen, between 3% and 10% of participants had previously reported neuropsychiatric side effects with other classes of HIV treatment.

12 March 2019
Efavirenz and psychological performance in children living with HIV

Efavirenz remains a clinically effective and relevant antiretroviral drug for people living with HIV – but adverse side effects need to be screened for and monitored in children.

15 February 2019
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