Ethambutol hydrochloride

Ethambutol hydrochloride is an approved anti-mycobacterial antibiotic used in combination with other drugs for treating tuberculosis. It is also being tested in combination with other drugs as a treatment for Mycobacterium avium intracellulare (MAI). It comes in tablets.

Ethambutol’s side-effects can include inflammation of the optic nerve, decreased or distorted vision, rash and fever. People who develop sight abnormalities while taking ethambutol should stop taking the drug immediately and contact their doctor urgently.

Ethambutol does not interact with any currently available protease inhibitors or non-nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitors (NNRTIs). However, HIV-positive patients with tuberculosis may have levels of ethambutol that are lower than expected.1 Monitoring drug levels in the blood is advised.

Ethambutol is manufactured by Lederle under the trade names Myambutol and Mynah.


  1. Perlman DC et al. The clinical pharmacokinetics of rifampin and ethambutol in HIV-infected persons with tuberculosis. Clin Infect Dis 41: 1638-1647, 2005

Community Consensus Statement on Access to HIV Treatment and its Use for Prevention

Together, we can make it happen

We can end HIV soon if people have equal access to HIV drugs as treatment and as PrEP, and have free choice over whether to take them.

Launched today, the Community Consensus Statement is a basic set of principles aimed at making sure that happens.

The Community Consensus Statement is a joint initiative of AVAC, EATG, MSMGF, GNP+, HIV i-Base, the International HIV/AIDS Alliance, ITPC and NAM/aidsmap

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